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Bringing Clarity with One Integrated View

Biotechs and Pharma companies use Rivia for an all-in-one trial data overview, enhancing patient response insights, trial conduct, and data quality while saving review time by 60%. 

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Transforming Clinical Trial Data into Insights with Rivia

Abcentra has achieved enhanced control, efficiency, and a deeper comprehension of their data by implementing Rivia's integrated approach. Supporting their cardiovascular clinical development, this is crucial to maximise outputs of their research efforts.

Enabling better clinical understanding and saving time

Calypso Biotech, developing first-in-class therapies for Celiac Disease and Eosinophilic Esophagitis, adopted Rivia in Q3 2022 for its powerful data integration capabilities. Dr. Houbiers, their Chief Medical Officer, explains how Rivia saves time and enhances understanding

Your central source of truth for clinical trials

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Integrate Disparate Data Sources

Rivia's advanced data integration engine rapidly and automatically combines multiple sources. No manual tasks needed.

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Discover Insights

Biotechs and Pharma innovators explore integrated data with self-service visualisations designed for clinical trials

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Improve Traceability

Our data model is easily traceable and replicable to improve data integrity and control

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Reduce Delays

Rivia customers do more in less time, eliminating manual repetitive tasks to accelerate decision-making.

How does it work? 

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1. Request Access

Access our Trial Cloud with sandbox data or upload a sample file (e.g. labs from an old study)

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2. Try with your data

Evaluate our platform and list your data requirements for full use.

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3. Use in under 30 days

Our data mapping engine can centralize sources in less than 30 days

How We Differ?

Data Availability
Data Integration
Self-service analytics
Full Traceability
Customizazion required
30 days
Data version history & raw files available
Report generator

Service Providers

Siloed data sources
Either not possible or
costly in 6-9 months
Predefined panels
Data history on-demand
Limited to data listings
Service heavy

visualization tools

Manual upload
Manual integration with IT support
Yes but complex
Single user

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