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Enabling better clinical understanding and saving time

Calypso Biotech

Calypso Biotech, developing first-in-class therapies for Celiac Disease and Eosinophilic Esophagitis, adopted Rivia in Q3 2022 for its powerful data integration capabilities. Dr. Houbiers, their Chief Medical Officer, explains how Rivia saves time and enhances understanding.

What problems are you solving with Rivia?

"The problems Rivia is solving are many in regards to review of patient data. It's combining databases into one view so you don't need to go around to all databases. Not only is it a good view of all data in one place, it shows the alignment in time of the different events."

How does Rivia improve your life at Calypso Biotech?

"The Rivia software is actually saving me time, and that's of course, very important. It also allows me to better understand the data because they are integrated and in one view. Combining safety, efficacy, and timing of dosing is really helpful."

What made us stand out from other options?

"Rivia stands out because of the well designed views of the data. The software really works always very well. The company is quick in answering questions and understanding the needs of customers, and they are willing to adapt."

Who could also benefit from using Rivia?

"Benefiting from Rivia will be the medics in the company because they can easily view the safety data and combine it with dosing and efficacy data. But also clinical leaders could benefit because they can check data quality and progress."

What would you say to a Biotech considering to use Rivia?

"Try it yourself, and see how it helps. Compare it to other software. I have a lot of experience with other software, and I can tell you the Rivia software sticks out. On top of that, there is the adaptability of the company and the willingness to change things quickly for your specific needs."

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

"I think every medic in the clinical trial, and also clinical leads in trials, should use this kind of software to have a better overview of their data."

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