Gain visibility and control over your trials

Rivia's advanced data integration engine and user-friendly interface empowers data exploration across multiple trials. All in one location, all in real-time.

Leverage powerful analytics to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions faster.
Reduce time to generate & analyze reports, from days to hours
Minimise data errors and have full traceability for data integrity and compliance

Integrate and view all data in a few clicks

Integrate and harmonize multiple trials sources in less than 30 days with Rivia’s Trial Data Engine
Work with data domains relevant to your studies, configuring derived terms and observations
Establish visit schedules to make analyses and figures accurate

Generate and test hypotheses in minutes

Visualize data with self-service analytics based on real-time integrated data
Build advanced analytics without reliance on support staff to identify trends and outliers
Use dashboards to analyze operational metrics like screen failures per site, data collected per visit, or subjects status

Integrate trials in less than 30 days

The Rivia Trial Cloud integrates data, in one platform, irrespective of the source. The centralized interface empowers Biotechs to monitor, analyze and report in real-time.

Integrate clinical trial data in days. Generate insights forever.

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