Our Vision
Rivia is the navigation system for clinical trials, steering Biotech and Pharma innovators to breakthroughs in clinical development.

Our Story

We have personally endured the exact clinical trial challenges we are solving. We embarked on our journey while treating patients and operating from our co-founder's apartment. Since then, we have expanded to our offices in Zurich, but our dedication to revolutionizing Biotech drug development remains steadfast. Leveraging extensive technical and medical expertise in this field, we have assembled the necessary team to achieve our mission.

We are driven by a passion to improve clinical trials and to provide a better future for patients. With Rivia, we are determined to empower Biotechs with the tools they need to make better informed decisions faster, and ultimately accelerate the development of new therapies.

We combine technical and medical experience from world-leading institutions.

Integrate clinical trial data in days. Generate insights forever.

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