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Transforming Clinical Trial Data into Insights with Rivia

About Abcentra

Based in Los Angeles, Abcentra develops therapies that address cardiovascular inflammation and diseases. Their CEO, Chris Farina, uses Rivia to discover new clinical insights and enhance control over his clinical trials.

The Challenge: Seeking Efficiency in Complex Clinical Trials

Before adopting Rivia, Abcentra confronted regular challenges in managing and interpreting clinical trial data. Chris Farina said: 

"Without Rivia, we would be very dependent on our CRO and biostatisticians for almost every little detail of what we're analyzing, and we'd be spending a lot of time merging Excel spreadsheets."

The Rivia Solution: A Transformative Tool for Data Control

The adoption of Rivia marked a significant shift. Farina noted, 

"Having access to Rivia, I feel like our team has been put in the driver's seat... they can easily look at data and graph it in a few clicks using Rivia."

They experienced a leap in efficiency and control with Rivia as "our own personal Source of Truth", highlighting the newfound independence and integrated availability. 

The Future: Continuous Growth and Exploration

Farina envisions a future deeply integrated with Rivia:

"As we have additional clinical trials, being able to have all our clinical data in Rivia is a very attractive concept for our team."

Working with Rivia: A Partnership Defined by Dedication

The partnership is more than just a client-provider relationship. Abcentra and Rivia work closely to implement a novel approach for integrated clinical trial intelligence. Farina praised the Rivia team:

 "You guys work really hard and care very much about what you're doing... and always you listen carefully to feedback."

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